A comprehensive program for global leaders and teams


What is Kinametry™?

A comprehensive program that enables global teams to work effectively across all types of boundaries, including departmental, cultural, generational, and other divides. Includes post-merger harmonizing.

A tailored solution for teams to build trust and greater cohesion as they relate across geographies or after a merger.

An online and blended program for teams of any size.

(Kinametry™ was previously known as Kinamark’s Trust Builder.)

Image: A global team from Asia, Europe, and North America discuss strategy during a simulation game.

Who is Kinametry™ for?

  • Enabling teams to collaborate across all types of divides: cultural, generational, gender, etc. 

  • System-wide change implementation

  • Post merger harmonization

  • Leaders at any level of their career

Kinametry™ is a tailored solution:

No two Kinametry™ solutions are the same

because no two clients are the same.


We conduct a company-wide scan that typically includes:

  • Surveys

  • Executive interviews

  • Focus groups

  • Participants' interviews

  • Observations (for example, observing a global team on weekly meetings)


Kinametry™ is practical:

As with all our solutions, Kinametry™ is based in the real situations your people face every day.


Our in-depth company scan allows us to bring into the program:

  • Real life, recent case studies

  • Simulations to the level of detail and difficulty faced by your global team

  • Discussion and dialogue that is open and generative

  • Deep level of engagement through tailored and selected game activities

  • A sense of discovery and play that allow the participants to relax and absorb learnings in
    a safe and supportive environment  

Image: Kinamark's program enabled a US/Canada team to integrate after a company-wide introduction of a matrix structure.


Kinametry™ is offered

in 3 formats:

All are tailored and based on the company-wide scan finding.

Online self-directed

Participants complete the Kinametry program on their own but within a certain time frame.

Online blended

Participants are supported in their Kinametry program by our consultants and coaches.

Blend of online and

in-person (covid-safe)

The Kinametry program is offered in person at multiple locations and is supported by online components.