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Deep change for courageous companies

Business Needs

A Total Reset

Why Kinamark

Kinamark is a purpose-led consulting firm

We enable people in companies to shift their way of thinking and being, towards the global mindset. Kinamark's global mindset means relating across boundaries of all kinds so that business can be of service to the planet, society, and all life.

Kinamark is known for pivoting in the moment to meet people’s evolving needs, and for deepening relationships and cohesion within client companies.

Our unique strengths

We create winning experiences for our clients by combining our core strengths into dynamic, multidisciplinary, and experiential programs that raise peoples' awareness
and shifts their mindset

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Bigger picture thinking

Enables people to see how they are part of creating the bigger picture.

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Cross-cultural competence

Gives global teams the tools they need to relate across differences and build trust.

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A distinct arts lens

Challenges our clients to imagine a new way of being and doing, and to tap into their own innovation.

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Social justice analysis

Brings in a deeper understanding to transform relationships and create true belonging.


Journey to Total Reset

Organizational transformation

In the face of constant volatility and other challenges in current times, Business Needs a Total Reset. Kinamark’s Journey to Total Reset provides a way forward, so people claim their agency towards creating the kind of workplace and company they want to work in.

Journey to Total Reset

Trust Builder

Harmonizing global teams

Cross-Cultural Coaching

Global leadership

Trust Builder
Cross-Cultural Coaching
Vintage Map Transparency

Trust Builder enables global teams to work in greater harmony, including after mergers and acquisitions. 


The main outcome is that teams deliver on company goals and have happier customers, due to:

  • Enhanced cross-cultural understanding and skills

  • Ability to relate to people who are different from oneself

  • Greater trust and deeper relationships across regions

  • Reduced conflict and escalation

After three months of using
what I learned in the Kinamark program, I began to noticing significant reduction in time wasted on projects with other regions. It was time we used to spend in conflict and escalations. 

Past participant
Team Leader, Europe

Build trust and relationships across cultures, and further your business goals. Our coaching is like going on a trip: fun, practical, and engaging!

Ground your learning in current reality, with access to hundreds of clips from Kinamark’s cultural interviews around the world. In addition to meetings with your coach, benefit from the insights of a cultural advisor in the region of your interest.

Boost your confidence in interactions with global stakeholders. And increase self-awareness on how your values shape how you relate to others.


  • Constant disruption is predicted in the global marketplace over the next 3 years.

  • We face a breakdown of systems — especially in climate crisis and social justice.

  • And there is incredible pressure on people and companies. Adaptability is key for individuals and organizations who aim to be future-ready.

  • As a trusted business advisor in the corporate world, Kinamark enables people and businesses discover their power to change the larger story.

What people say

What people say

In all my career, I have never seen this level of impact from a program.

Global HR Director of a French MNC

I learned more in two days with Kinamark than in a year of other programs.

Team Leader at a US subsidiary

This work with Kinamark has resonated with our people; it has changed their approach to accountability, responsibility, and stretching their roles.

HR Director at a Canadian subsidiary

They have talented storytelling and video feedback coaches. Focus was on my personal style and my story.
I highly recommend it.

Executive at a French MNC

We now use Kinamark as a short-cut phrase to doing things right. We say "Let's do it the Kinamark way."

Regional HR Director of an Indian subsidiary

The sessions unpacked and resolved a lot of issues between us, head office and other regions. The discussions brought out critical issues and also humanized people.

Team Leader at an ASEAN subsidiary

We emerged with a framework and common tools to work together
as we manage and expand our
cross-cultural teams.

Team Leader at

a French MNC

Coaching with Kinamark helped me to be more confident with our new American CEO and other leaders.

Production Manager at
a LATAM subsidiary

We saw results fast. Interactions with head office have become  smoother and more productive... and increased their trust and confidence.

Mexican Head of a US MNC

Our team

Kinamark works with international consultants and cultural advisors. For each project we put together the right team to achieve the best results and make our assignments locally relevant. 

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Anna Urban
Finland / Poland

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Avneet Singh
Malaysia / India

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Bassel Martin

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Bernard Goupil
Canada / Quebec

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Edwan Chiam

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Fayz Zamzam

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Faye Joubert
South Africa

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David Talmor

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Gabriel Arroyo Cesari

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Ghalia Nasser

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Jiro Yoshizuka

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Jon Wilson

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Karen Lay-Brew

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Khaula Jamil

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Maaike Pols

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Mariano A. Berazaluce

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Marwa El-Telwany

Menger Wang

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Nancy Luviano

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Nasreen Ma