global mindset, cross-cultural competencies, global teams, systems thinking

The world needs people

with a global mindset

who know how to build relationships across all types of boundaries

Kinamark implements change strategies and programs at multinational corporations to harmonize work across various divides (cultural, gender, racial, generational, departmental, and other silos).


We offer consulting, training, and coaching through tailored solutions.


Our service enables leaders to build their global mindset, which results in companies pivoting so they benefit the planet and people.

Our company

Kinamark is a purpose-led consulting firm. Our programs enable people on global teams to shift their way of thinking and being, for profound and lasting change.

Our clients

From multinationals to diverse entrepreneurs:

our clients are companies that aim to benefit the
and people.


How we work

Why Systems

Because we are the system. By changing ourselves, we change what is around us. And we are all interconnected, with each other and Mother Earth.

Our programs combine systems thinking, the arts, and cross-cultural competency.

Why the Arts

Our reality reflects the limits of our imagination. The arts take us to uncomfortable spaces where creativity flourishes, where we push the edges of what is possible.

Why Cross-Cultural

Because understanding our differences allows us to uncover our oneness. We learn to examine assumptions, deeply listen, and connect.


Our team

The Kinamark team is made of consultants, coaches, and trainers from diverse cultures and disciplines. For each client project, we bring together the right team with the right solutions.


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